Also Known As:

  • Mad Hatter

One of the Seven Satans, "Pride", and the Court Jester of the lowest layer of Hell, Sheol. Their real name is Belial, and they were formerly a member of the order of Virtues and the deputy of Raphael. (They were the reason why Raphael disliked women, due to their ways.) The Mad Hatter searches for and chooses Lucifer's brides, because they love Lucifer themself. However, they do not long for him to love them back because if he does their love will die and they will hate him. They (like all angels) were born sexless, but when their sex (female) started to manifest, because they did not feel like a man or woman, they took pills to stop it. They intend to be the best of what God had intended for them to be: "Worthless," and to use that as a weapon. Thus, while technically their sex is female, they have the flat chest and slim hips of a young man, and were in fact mistaken as a male by Kurai. They have a tattoo of a butterfly on their upper-thigh, which also gives them the nickname "The Mad Butterfly." They also have a habit of taunting Setsuna and his friends, particularly Sakuya, for he has another identity which he doesn't know: Lucifer, Ruler of the 9 Hells. Later, after Setsuna's destruction of YHWH, they were to withdraw the forces of Hell away from Heaven, thus forming a truce between the two realms.