Bell Cranel


Also Known As:

  • Little Rookie
  • Rabbit

A young man in his teens with white hair and red eyes. He wears light armor and usually carries around a small blade. He is a kind yet shy boy and is easily intimidated when facing a stronger opponent. He cares deeply for the people around him especially his goddess Hestia. Bell was raised by his grandfather in a rural village near the labyrinth city Orario. After hearing many stories about the heroes of Orario and after the death of his only guardian, he came to Orario to become an adventurer. He is well known by the Goddesses for being very cute, and more importantly, for his abnormal growth in adventuring skills. He becomes Level 2 one month after becoming an adventurer, easily the fastest ever. It was revealed that his grandfather is the God Zeus, however, they are not related by blood and Bell is the adopted grandson. Zeus' Familia was wiped out by a black dragon, and it is speculated that Bell's parents were among them. Bell is considered the last hero of Zeus' Familia. (Source: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka Wikia)