Also Known As:

  • Bel
  • Prince the Ripper

Title: Varia Officer Gender: Male Age: 16 (currently), 26 (10 years later) Weapons: knives and wires Box animal: Storm Mink (Visone Tempesta) Flame: Storm Birthdate: December 22 Zodiac: Capricorn Blood type: AB Height: 170 cm Weight: 58kg Manga debut: Chapter 92 Anime debut: Episode 40 Resident genius prince of the Varia and its youngest member. Belphegor is the holder of the Ring of Storm and fought Gokudera for it. His nickname is "Prince the Ripper." When he was eight years old, he murdered his twin brother as well as his whole family, and becomes euphoric when he sees his own blood, reminding him of the time he stabbed his brother. After that, he joined the Varia Assassination Squad by himself He is supposed to represent the sin of Sloth since in Christian tradition, Belphegor is said to be the chief demon of this deadly sin.