Beni Kinojou

鬼ノ城 紅

She serves as an enforcer for the Science Club. She is very strong, arrogant, and aggressive. She is extremely loyal to Fuka and will do anything what she says. She is armed with a Kanabo that she uses for bludgeoning. It was later pointed out that she used to be Momo's guardian and caretaker during the time when their space ship got caught in a time space distortion, and they were force to escape in their escape pods. She and Momo came from the another planet and in another timeline; however, she has no memory of whatsoever about her past after waking up from stasis in her escape pod. Her real name is Kurenai, it is suggested that she is a orphan and a prisoner who was given the privilege of becoming Momo's care taker. (Source: Zinc-view)