Also Known As:

  • Leone di Cieli [Sky Lion]
  • Ligre Tempesta di Cieli

Bester Information Name: Ligre Tempesta di Cielo Box Type: Animal Attribute: Sky + Storm Designer: Unclaimed. (Possibly Lorenzini due to the fact that he created both the Tigre Tempesta and Leone di Cielo.) Size: 3.2m Power: S Speed: A Stamina: A Intelligence: A "A Super-Rare Box Weapon combining the features of the Sky-element Leone di Cielo and the Storm-element Tigre Tempesta. However, it seems that it is originally the Box of a "White Leone di Cielo", and the "Ligre Tempesta di Cielo" is a variant form resulting from the multiple-element flames that Xanxus can inject into the Box thanks to his special constitution. Like the Leone di Cielo, its abilities are still largely unknown. Xanxus calls him "Bester"." Other Info Xanxus uses the Box Weapon, Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo (nicknamed Bester) to fight. However, Xanxus has both a Sky and Storm Flame, so when he first opens his Box Weapon, Bester was remarkably similar in appearance to Leone di Cielo, but when he adds his Storm Flame to the mix, Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo's true appearance is shown and the black stripes of a liger appear. Bester is extremely powerful and was able to stop and destroy multiple Box Weapons simultaneously with just his Roar. Abilities and Attacks Roar - Bester's roar has two phases. The first, like any other Sky Lion, is the roar uses the "harmonization" characteristic of the Sky Flames to petrify the opponent. Then Bester uses the "degeneration" characteristic of Storm Flames to destroy the enemy.