Blair is the lawyer of Mrs. Milligan. He and Nelly (Mrs. Milligan's maid) helped the "Madam" in searching for her long lost daughter, Remi. They later found Remi while in Paris and confirmed that she lived with Gaspard. Mr. Blair researched about Gaspard's personal background and he found out about the man's cruelty to homeless children. Soon, Gaspard kidnapped Remi upon learning about the 10-year old girl's real status. Mr. Blair was with the Paris policemen on the day Gaspard and the two other men involved in Remi's kidnapping were arrested. During this time, the lawyer asked Gaspard to give up. Instead of surrendering, Gaspard ran towards Blair and tried to harm the lawyer. Mr. Blair then used a martial arts technique to protect himself from the violent man. Gaspard was quickly pinned down by three Paris policemen afterwards.