Mihaya Kakei

掛居 美早 / ブラッド・レパード

Also Known As:

  • Blood Leopard
  • Bloody Kitty

Legion: Prominence Avatar: Blood Leopard Level: 8 Second in command of the legion Prominence under Scarlet Rain. She works as a waitress at a cake shop that also serves as a secret base for Prominence. She is usually seen wearing a maid outfit that she wears for work and rides a motorcycle. Leopard, as she prefers to be called, is cold, blunt, and distant, though she has a sarcastic sense of humor. Her Brain Burst avatar is level 6 and has the Shape Change ability. Her non-accelerated avatar is an anthropomorphic red-furred leopard woman wearing a leather bodysuit. She develops a rivalry with Sky Raker for unknown reasons.