Volkov Vladimir


Also Known As:

  • Boris Balkov

Boris is nothing short of a two-faced, cunning, and vile man with a lust for power and money. Despite the fact that he is an abbot running an abbey (a monastery or church), his acts are anything but religious and good-natured. Boris seems to be quite the opposite of the priest he poses as, mocking the crosses on the towers of the abbey with every vicious thing he does. He has little compassion for failure and will not think twice about disposing of any boy in the abbey who does not live up to his standards. He is strict not only with the children but with the employees as well—the scientists in the laboratories and the gunmen who guard the property—but he does, however, show small shreds of patience with the stronger and more reliable young men that he favors, such as Tala and Kai. Boris can also be described as something of a "control freak," as he has cameras located in every room and corridor of the abbey. Because of this fact, many fans are suspicious about what else Boris has done, and is capable of. Boris makes it a point to intimidate others. Through intimidation, he can exact power over those being intimidated, and this is most often how he wins in any situation he faces. Every young man at the abbey, as well as all the employees, respect Boris out of fear, all with good reason. He is indeed malicious in intent and lies a great deal, but he makes it work for him. Voiced by Takehito Koyasu, and English voiced by: Kent Williams. (Source: Wikipedia)