Braiking Boss


Also Known As:

  • BK-01
  • Black King

In Neo-Human Casshern: Braiking Boss is the leader of the renegade robot army threatening to conquer the world. He faces the combined forces of Casshern, Luna, and Friender in combat. In Casshern: Robot Hunter: Braiking Boss is the leader of the NEOROIDS that have taken over Earth. Casshern wages a solitary war on the NEOROIDS. Ironically Cassherns father created both Casshern and the NEOROIDS. In Casshern Sins: An enigmatic and scary man from Casshern's past, Braiking Boss once was the leader of robot army and commander of Casshern. Hundreds of years ago, Braiking Boss was a person who held the whole humanity under his iron-clad rule. Robots reigned over humans till the moment when humans summoned Luna, a messiah and savior of humanity. Braiking Boss, fearing his own demise and humanity's revolt, orders his three best soldiers to find and kill Luna. After the world destruction, Braiking Boss changes his name and is now wandering in the wilderness, tracking and following casshern. He is responsible for the ruin of the world, and the only thing he has left to wish for is to "settle the score" with Casshern.