Brigitte Stark


Also Known As:

  • Rosie

Corporal, age 27. Squad 7 shocktrooper. Formerly a bartender and songstress, she still bears the nickname "Rosie," given to her by the bar-going regulars. Despite her education (and with it her military training) ending at a middle-school level, experience with her town watch earned her the rank of Corporal. Her hobbies include cards, which she picked up while working her bar job. She often played Faldio, winning ten games to his five. After losing her family in an Imperial Darcsen hunt that hit her village as a child, she grew up blaming the Darcsens, and hated them well into adulthood. Through her interaction with and sudden separation from Isara, Rosie was able to move beyond her prejudice and understand the true importance music held to her. Source: Gamefaqs