Brooklyn Luckfield


Also Known As:

  • Bullet

Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In the Original Generation universe, Bullet is already an Earth Federation Army pilot and student of the Jigen-Ryu tradition of swordsmanship, under the tutelage of Master Rishu Togo, alongside his senior, Sänger Zonvolt, to whom he shows great respect for (in the Alpha universe, Bullet does not actually meet Sanger until Alpha 3, and it is directly from Sanger that he trains to refine his skills). Bullet does not meet Kusuha until after the Divine Crusaders War, when he and the rest of the ATX Team are ordered to attack Kusuha and members of the SRX Team in a live-fire exercise. Bullet, upon discovering that a girl (Kusuha) is the pilot of the opposing Grungust Type-2, refuses to lay a hand on her. Although he is slightly reprimanded for his conduct, he is smitten with Kusuha the moment he sees her in person, but is too shy to display any romantic feelings for her. In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Bullet would use the Grungust Type-3 given to him and rescue Kusuha and members of the Aggressors from the Bartolls.