Also Known As:

  • Bizarre Cooking
  • Tengu Brunch
  • Bura

"Bizarre Cooking" Tengu Brunch is a genius chef and somewhat of a problem child, who, in the chef world, is a delinquent comparable to Zebra of the Bishokuya world. He has appeared only once in a Cooking Festival, but won it by a good margin. He currently holds the Number 3 spot in the IGO Chef Ranking, making him the third greatest chef in the world. He is from the "Bewitching Food World" located in the Gourmet World and is the head chef and owner of the Bizarre Dining Hall "Tengu Castle". He is a tall red-skinned man with long white hair that he keeps combed back but also tied into a wild bushy ponytail. He has a somewhat sinister-looking appearance, such as fierce-looking eyes and sharp pointy teeth. His most notable trait is his very long nose which resembles that of a Japanese Tengu's, hence his name. He wears a black shirt and white pants along with a white chef's jacket. For footwear, he uses one-tooth tengu-geta. He appears to have a large mole or piercing embedded in his forehead and strangely enough, two small rectangular covers on his neck which conceal small battery slots, indicating that he may have some sort of cybernetic implants. He appears to have quite the problematic personality and a careless approach to life. Despite his uncouth behavior, he takes his job as a chef seriously, and is usually seen as weird by others. He is shown to have a love for food as when he dropped down to the Four Heavenly Kings' table without moving the plates or bottles that had food or wine in them, and can also hear the "Voice of Ingredients" showing just how much he values and respects food. Brunch seems to have formed a friendly rivalry with Komatsu after having been declined as a partner by Zebra and hearing about him from the Four Heavenly Kings. Brunch has the ability to generate and control large amounts of electricity. It is strong enough to completely incinerate the Bishokukai's Beasts, and even scorch and stun Elg, hinting it would be fatal to the latter if he were not immortal. Brunch 's body contains electricity-producing organs like an electric eel, but each of his cells also act as amplifier circuits. He can produce over 100,000 amperes of electricity with an average potential of 100 million volts, rivaling the power of a lightning. Since the time needed for discharging it is 0.1 seconds, his attacks are virtually unavoidable. When preparing a long-distance attack, he first makes the path in the air, the Stepped Leader, to lock on his targets, then unleashes the offensive discharge, the Return Stroke. While the first part goes at the speed of 200 Km/s (Mach 600), the second is much faster, traveling at 10000 Km/s (Mach 30000). He can use electricity to boost his already impressive speed and reactions to unthinkable levels, as shown during his confrontation with Elg, to the point that most attacks look "stopped" to him. He claims that, although lasting for a very short time and not reaching the speed of light, no living creature can measure up to it. While Brunch can produce electricity naturally, he finds using batteries that he inserts into his neck most convenient. However, he can also generate it from other sources, including solar, wind, thermal, water or even kinetic energy received from opponents attacks, making his body a virtual power plant.