He appears in 6-7th episode. One of the Empire's enemy's captains, he likes to snack on mutton while on patrol. Octavia is under his command. An inept, overweight, and cowardly man, Bublux believes that only exploitation and political trickery will get one promoted in the empire's forces, as opposed to honorable deeds and actual skill. Tasked with just scouting the area near Avalon castle, Bublux instead decides to launch a full invasion of area against Octavia's advice, believing the Gael tribe to be a weak, undisciplined mob of savages that could be beaten easily. When his scout force is predictably overwhelmed by Gael warriors, he panics and runs away. Retreating across a narrow bridge, Bublux cuts the ropes on the bridge in a panic, causing several of his own men to fall to their deaths. Octavia narrowly survives the bridge collapse. Upon return to their base, Octavia reports Bublux's ineptitude and the actions against his own men to the top brass, enraging Bublux to no end that she would dare question a superior's methods and the fact that she made him look bad by reporting his misdeeds. In order to make Octavia pay for humiliating him, he challenges her to a "one on one" fight in Londinium's arena. Though he completely rigs the fight against her, Octavia is easily able to beat Bublux for good (with some timely help from Morgan).