Bunshichi Tawara

俵 文七

Also Known As:

  • God of Fighting
  • Double Impact
  • Exorcist

Bunshichi is a 20-year-old, white-haired man. His parents are relatively young since they had him at an early age and own a rice shop that Bunshichi helps run. He has been a senior for 3 years, but still has not graduated. He is not unintelligent, rather he claims the Shin incident ruined his beautiful school life causing him not to graduate.After having to fight his friend and the break up of Katana, Bunshichi prefers to stay away from the school's politics. He joined the original Juuken Club solely so they would have enough members to compete in the election tournament. Later as a member of the Enforcement Group, Mitsuomi Takayanagi appoints him as the advisor (essentially their strategist), where he again does nothing claiming he only signed up in name only. Bunshichi is perverted, usually focusing on women with big breasts, which he refers as deadly weapons. In the manga he repeatedly threatens to rape people, it is a joke of his own perversion, as he has not carried out these threats.Despite his appearance and attitude, when Bunshichi actually fights, he is quite dangerous. He was ranked as the strongest fighter in Todou until Mitsuomi won the Tournament 2 years ago. During his time as the commander of Katana's Special Forces, he single-handedly defeated all their enemies. He became known as a so-called "God of Fighting" as a result.Bunshichi is likely one of the few characters that might be capable of lasting the full 3 minutes with Mitsuomi. He is easily one of the most powerful characters in the series; however, Bunshichi seems to be on his own side, Emi Isuzu even refers to him as a possible enemy despite the fact he too is part of the Enforcement Group. Despite how powerful he is, Bunshichi is frequently used as comic relief.