Also Known As:

  • Buriburi no Buta

A talking "heroic" but actually quite cowardly, lazy, treacherous, and funny pig that appears in some of the episodes and chapters about ancient Japan. The character is a product of Shin-chan's imagination, but carries on as though he is a popular character. His appearances are limited, due to the fact that his voice actor, Kaneto Shiozawa, died in 2000, and the character has not had a speaking part since. He is considered a demon or 'rakshas' in the Indian version, due to the fact that "Buri" means "bad" in Hindi. Hence, none of the episodes with him are shown in the Indian version. The "Buriburi" of his name is the Japanese onomatopeia for the sound that poop makes when it takes off anus, while the "zaemon" is a typical samurai name suffix. (Source: Wikipedia)