Also Known As:

  • Butta
  • The Blue Hurricane

Butta is the tallest member of the team. He is a blue-skinned alien nicknamed "The Blue Hurricane" who fancies himself the fastest person in the universe. And indeed he has incredible speed that he demonstrates by swiftly retrieving a Dragon Ball thrown by Vegeta in an effort to prevent it from falling into Freeza's hands. It is said by Kuririn that both Butta and Jheese are as strong as Reacoom. Along with Jheese, Butta sits out the fighting until Gokuu arrives and defeats Reacoom singlehandedly. Butta and Jheese jump in to attack Gokuu, but the Earth Saiyan proves both faster than Butta (much to his fury) and stronger than both of them. He then defeats Butta with two crippling blows to the back, and shortly thereafter, Vegeta finishes Butta off by dropping a knee on and breaking Butta's neck. He and Jheese fought Tenshinhan when they tried to invade North Kaio's planet in an anime filler, only to be defeated. He was once again defeated later by Gokuu. (Source: Wikipedia)