Camus Pfalzgraf von Silvaner Lüneburg

Camus doesn't have a nickname like the others, but due to Japanese pronunciation it is often thought that he is nicknamed "Camu", however that is not so. Camus' rank of Pfalzgraf is the lowest of the nobles and means Count palatine. Camus has an elder sister and an elder brother. His brother Leohart is especially protective of him and has watched him since the day he was born. Camus possesses a special ability, something akin to empathy. He is able to talk to flowers and under his care they bloom more wildly then any place else (his mansion consists of huge gardens he tend to himself). This ability also enables him to tell a person's mood. He can tell when someone is upset or angry, like he knew that Isaac was angry at the Strahl class when he visited the academy even though Isaac was smiling. He also receives visions of future events, but when he warns the people involved he is usually feared instead of heeded. Due to this ability he is often feared, misunderstood or mocked. (Source: Wikipedia)