カナダ, マシュー・ウィリアムズ

Also Known As:

  • Matthew Williams

Nation's name: Canada Capital: Ottawa Language: English and French Birthday: July 1st National flower: Trillium Human name: Matthew Williams Height: 177cm (5'10") Age: Unknown The "much larger in size, but much smaller in population" country above America. Because of his southern neighbor, he's often overshadowed and forgotten. His hair is blonde with blondish-orange tips, and his eyes are violet, but have been colored blue on some occasions. In the anime, his hair was changed to a dark blonde, seemingly just a shade darker than America's, and his eyes were changed to being dark blue. He has a long curly ahoge that stems from his middle part. His blood brother is America, though it is not known who is the elder of the two or whether or not they are twins (a common fan-speculation). America has been credited as being the source of Canada's constant troubles and worries, due to his rambunctious behavior. Canada is often mistaken for America thanks to their extremely similar appearance. Because of this, he usually takes the heat for America from other countries. For this, Canada holds a major grudge against America and has tried lashing out at him on several occasions, but usually just can't (for he is somewhat "passive-aggressive"). However, once, he made America cry after pointing out all of his faults for three hours straight. Despite this, they seem to get along, seeing as how America often goes over to Canada's house to visit him. One country that always tends to mistake Canada for America is Cuba, who beats up Canada sometimes because of this. Feeling bad after doing so (and finding out that the one he hurt was Canada and not America), he was shown giving Canada ice-cream to make up for everything, and once invited him to visit his house (only to subsequently mistake him for America and beat him up again). When poor Canada's not being mistaken for his brother, he's being forgotten. It seems as though his presence isn't even noticed during meetings, and he's usually depicted as being "transparent." He has an easygoing personality, and is extremely soft-hearted, shy, sensitive, and gentle. It's been said that he's a strong and vicious fighter, but hates violence. He loves ice-cream, a fondness that he shares with his good friend Cuba. On several occasions, he's been shown wearing apparel with the Canadian maple leaf on it, trying to show appeal for his country (and trying not to be mistaken for his brother). Canada has a pet bear named "Kumajirou-san," and even though the two have been together for so long, neither knows the other's name and neither knows anything about the other.