Also Known As:

  • Caprico
  • The Goat (Makatsukyuu)

Caprico is a member of dark guild, Grimoire Heart, and one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. He used a Lost Magic known as Human Subordination, which allowed him to weaken nearby humans' physical and Magical abilities, as well as to enslave humans to make them fight for him, allowing him to summon them as he wished: in short, a reversed version of Celestial Spirit Magic, which allowed him to keep the upper hand in a battle against four of Fairy Tail's top Mages. Actually Caprico is a Celestial Spirit (one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys) that was possessed by Zoldeo, the real member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart. In the past, he was contracted with Layla Heartfilia. However, Layla became fatigued and decided to retire from her life as a Mage. She entrusted her three spirits (Aquarius, Capricorn and Cancer) to three new owners. One of the recipients is Zoldeo who took Capricorn's key. However, Capricorn made a pact with Layla, promising to give his strength to Layla's child if the child decides to pursue the path of Magic. At first, Zoldeo agreed to the pact but gradually became swallowed up by darkness and used his Magic on Capricorn, breaking a taboo and ending up possessing Capricorn's body. Due to this, Capricorn is able to stay in the Human World for 17 years.