Caren Hortensia


Caren Ortensia is a member of the Church and works as a priestess. She was seen helping the Burial Agency due to her ability in a short story of the Character Material, although she is not stated to be a member of it - she isn't even an Executor. She is angelic and forgiving to the point that she believes her only purpose in life is to help others, even if she is hurt in the process. She never blames the person who has hurt her and blames the act on demons who caused the person to commit the sin. Whenever she is at fault, she apologizes to God rather than the person. One of Caren’s most unexpected personality quirks is her love for teasing and exploiting others’ emotional vulnerability. Upon discovery of an individual’s weak spot, she enjoys bringing it out to light in front of all the other characters. While this antagonizes many characters and causes much outrage and humiliation, she remains calm: once, when Avenger retorted in response to her, she squeezed his face without a change in expression. Oddly enough, in spite of being a priestess, she has deliberately chosen to wear a revealing costume with no skirt to both increase her mobility and to seduce men. Her father is Kotomine Kirei. (Source: Type-Moon Wikia)