Carol Malus Dienheim


The main antagonist of Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX. The new threat that stands before our heroes, from the abyss of Europe, that which has been called the “Dark Continent.” Hidden within her childish frame is a battle capacity of immense proportions, she has mastered and can freely control various energies including the “Aristotle” (the four elements of wind, fire, earth and water). Carol Malus Dienheim originally lived in a small village with her father in Europe during the Dark Ages. Her father practiced the art of Alchemy, and used it to cure a deadly plague that had spread throughout the village. The villagers mistook his alchemy for witchcraft, claiming that all knowledge that does not come from God must come from the devil, and burns him at the stake. Carol is told by her father before his death to learn more about the world. A millennium later in the present day, Carol misconstrues her father's words and aims to destroy the world through the knowledge of alchemy that she has acquired. Carol's alchemy is powered through memory combustion. She also yields the Faust Robe of Daurdabla, a relic akin to the Symphogear created through alchemy. Without the need for a song to activate it, it takes the form of a harp whose strings create an intense slashing attack capable of bisecting objects. By plucking the harp, Carol can amplify her magic similar to what song does for the Symphogear. Carol uses Alcha-Noise, a stronger variant of the Noise created through Alchemy, as well as the Autoscorers, four powerful homunculus also created through Alchemy. By pitting them against the Symphogear users, Carol activates the Château de Tiffauges, the main instrument in her plans of world destruction. Eventually Carol is stopped by the Symphogear users, though she loses all her memories in the battle in powering her spells. Afterwards, Carol visits the injured Elfnein, her homunculus clone in which she downloaded her memories beforehand, to ask about her own identity. Instead, she saves Elfnein, healing her injuries at the cost of her own life.