Also Known As:

  • Franca

Caterina was an expert on bombs and explosive materials who worked as a freelancer with her partner Franco under the codename Franca. Franca's true identity was Caterina, a student who dropped out of her university in order to file a national lawsuit against the arrest of her father, who was imprisoned on charges of unspecified crimes. Shortly afterward, the father died of suspicious causes during his incarceration. Convinced of her father's innocence and angry at the Italian government's apparent immoral attempts to silence political dissent, Caterina sought out various activists within Italy in an attempt to learn how to get revenge on the Italian government. At the recommendation of Mangello Marinov, a family friend, Caterina made contact with Franco, whose uncle was a well-known explosives expert. Although Franco was reluctant at first, he was soon moved by the strength of Caterina's convictions. Caterina learned much from Franco and eventually took the name "Franca" as a cover identity since she would be working closely with Franco from then on. Later, when Section 2 moved in to arrest Cristiano, she and Franco were barely able to save Cristiano from Rico and tried to escape with a car. However, after Angelica shot Franca several times, the car crashed over a cliff into a river. It's later revealed that she died with Franco in this accident, leaving Cristiano alive, paralyzed and resolved to extract revenge on the Agency.