Catherine Flaubert


Catherine is one weird female. Originally having hired Hachisuka Express to bring her a Gad, Wanda Woman impersonated her and got Hajiki to give it to her at her apartment while she wasn’t home. For this reason, Catherine won’t leave Hachisuka or Hajiki alone, because she lost her Gad thanks to them, and now she can’t use it because it’s become Lightning. She is dead-set on getting a Gad of her own for some reason never truly explained. All she said was that a Gad stole her real name, and she needed to get it back. For this, she has Hachisuka, Hajiki and his friends running around trying to find every Gad on the planet for her. She even tries to hire Katana. Catherine never gets a Gad, but sticks around to make a nuisance of herself, reminding Hachisuka that he owes her the money she paid him for the Gad’s delivery, plus the "damages" in her losing it. In the end, she suggests that she’d like to start seeing him, and Hachisuka hightails it out of Night Town, closing his office. She chases him on a bicycle. (Source:Wikipedia)