Cecily Fairchild

Also Known As:

  • Berah Ronah

Genetic Type: New Type Age: 17 (F91), 27 (Crossbone) Born: 22 November, 0106 U.C. This young woman is one of Seabook's high school classmates at Frontier IV. Cecily was born Berah Ronah, a child of the aristocratic family that leads the Crossbone Vanguard, but ten years ago she and her mother fled the Ronah family and began a new life. Now her mother has disappeared again, leaving Cecily in the care of her stepfather Theo Fairchild. When the Crossbone Vanguard seize control of Frontier IV, Cecily rejoins the Ronah family and reluctantly agrees to become a symbol of their newly established nation of Cosmo Babylonia. (Source: Gundam Wiki)