Celia Ootsuka

シリア 大塚

She is an American "idol" superstar and is the Venus Unit: Defense Member. She is shown as someone with amazing strength and is well-known through her singing/dancing career as an "idol" as well as a professional wrestler. Her jingu is an internal-type named "Inverse". Its ability is to "reverse" situations at her will. Her ability is not limited to reversing forces, but could even reverse the will of her opponent (as seen when she reversed Takeru's will to attack him during their battle). Celia however, is originally male. "Inverse" even gives him the ability to change his gender and physical appearance at will including the reason why his eyes have a heart shaped pupil when a girl. She possesses the ability to become either male or female including characteristics and emotions. Celia is aiming to become a real woman, and is referred to as an okama. -Wikipedia