The Cervello organization appears to consist of all women, each of them with the same identical look, although it is unknown whether this is true as they appeared to have men of other appearances fixing the school with Illusions; however, it is not determined whether these men are disguised pink-haired Cervello. Byakuran says that the Cervello's 'speciality' is to judge fairly. They are never biased, even if they support the other team. Each time they appear, they appear in a pair with matching outfits. Each Cervello's clothes vary, but resemble the current Japanese trends. Every Cervello has the exact same mask on their eyes and long pink/lavender hair, although in different positions the hair lengths vary (such as during the Vongola Ring Conflict - Sky Match, only the judges have long hair while other Cervello who were in charge of taking care of unwell participants, such as Lambo, had shorter hair). The Cervello are masked women that act as judges in games or tournaments. Supposedly, the Cervello are loyal only to the Vongola Famiglia, but they work for the Millefiore Famiglia in the Future. So far they have made 3 appearances: judging during the Varia Arc, serving Shoichi Irie, and acting as Judges in Choice. Their roles include: - Keeping the rules in place. - Informing contestants of the rules. - Serving someone with a higher position. In a flashback, the Cervello are shown giving Byakuran his Sky Mare Ring, stating that there is no one more deserving of the Ring than him. source: reborn.wikia