Chamo Rosso


Age: 14 Chamo is the Saint of "Swamp," and is said to be be the most powerful person in history besides the Saint of one flower. She received her power around seven years ago. She is a frail girl wearing a check-patterned dress with frills and a buffoon hat who usually walk around with a green foxtail in her hand. Selfish, has no cooperativeness, is easily bored or angered, and usually want to kill anything angering or bothering her. Because of her grotesque and tremendous power, she's extremely feared by her enemies, and was a priority target for Fremy. And because of her personality, she's feared as well by her comrades. The power of the swamp received from God allows Chamo to use her stomach as a swamp, creating a place to live for her minions. She doesn't eat normally, and instead eat any animal or kyouma interesting her. She then use the components eaten to either create new pets or to alter/reinforce the pets that she already tamed. Her pets range from creatures as small as mouses to creatures bigger than a human, and they all live in her stomach, where she can freely heal and alter them. When she needs to summon the pets, she use the green foxtail to make herself vomit the pets needed. Her pets are completely loyal to her, they will act of their own will to protect her even by sacrificing themselves, can regenerate in a few seconds from most lethal wounds. Chamo has a lot of affections for her pet, and will get angry to someone who makes them suffer or injures them heavily. She can summon more than 70 pets at the same time, and therefore technically has a whole army of monster at her command. Not all her pets are combat oriented, as small ones are used as reconnaissance units over and under ground. Since her pets are technically aquatic life forms, they are especially vulnerable to fire and extreme heat. Chamo's power is on a completely different level than the other heroes. Among other feats of strength, Chamo participated to an important martial tournament several years ago. She made a mistake and killed her opponent in the first round. Seeing Chamo's power, every single other contestants immediately resigned from the tournament, which therefore ended with Chamo's win by default. When she's asked by Mora to help with the training of other Saints, the battle are usually organized so that Chamo has to fight alone against several strong Saints as the same time. Even under such circumstances, Chamo has to restrain her power in order to not kill her opponents. As a Saint, Chamo is under the direct supervision of Mora, who is the only hero among the seven that Chamo really trusts. She respects Mora and usually doesn't go against her orders. As such, Mora is the only hero who can suppress Chamo's urge to kill. She really dislikes Fremy, who not only killed one of her beloved pets in her attempt to assassinate Chamo (the pet sacrificed himself to save her master), but also managed to escape alive from Chamo's wrath afterward. According to Chamo, Fremy is the only person who ever escaped safely from her. This greatly annoyed her and increased even more her urge to kill Fremy. Fremy is extremely afraid of her since that incident.