Chane Laforet


The beautiful, dagger wielding daughter of Huey Laforet. Although her father is one of the original immortals who had been aboard the Advena Avis in 1711, she is actually mortal. Chane is thoroughly devoted and at a young age, she requested that Huey remove her voice so that she would be unable to reveal his secrets to anyone. In 1931, Chane boarded the Flying Pussyfoot as part of the terrorist group that wished to use its passengers as hostages, in order to negotiate Huey's release from prison. Chane did not approve of the terrorists' methods, and knew they only wished to obtain Huey in order to gain access to his secrets about Immortality. She also knew that at some point, the group planned to betray and kill her. Yet, she went along with their plans in order to see how much they would be able to accomplish. While aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, Chane has a run-in with the sadistic assassin Ladd Russo, from the Russo Mafia Family. They engage in a fierce battle, where Chane's fighting skills impress and delight Ladd. The fight is eventually interrupted by the "Rail Tracer," who takes a liking to Chane and proposes to her. The proposal shocks the young girl as it is the first time someone has ever professed love to her. At the Rail Tracer's request, she engraves her reply to him into the train's roof. After the events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, Chane is taken in and cared for by Jacuzzi Splot and his gang. Their kindness confuses Chane, who does not understand why they went out of their way to help her as she is a stranger and member of the terrorist group. While in their company, she is kidnapped by Graham Spector who mistakes her for Eve Genoard. At Graham's warehouse, she surprises the young man and his gang by attacking him with her daggers, thus revealing to them that she is not Eve. Her battle skills impress Graham, who begins to get excited at the prospect of fighting her. However, Jacuzzi interrupts the fight as he intends to rescue Chane. It does not take long before Nice Holystone and the rest of Jacuzzi's gang also show up to help both Jacuzzi and Chane. Chane is dumbfounded by their actions, and is shocked even more when the Rail Tracer also shows up to her aid. Once again, the Rail Tracer, who is in fact Claire Stanfield (aka. Vino), an assassin for the Gandor family, confesses his love and says that she does not have to fall in love with him right away, but asks her if they could start out as friends and she could try to. She agrees.