chaos is a playable character in the Xenosaga series. Not much is known about chaos or his past. His personality is kind and gentle, with a philosophical wisdom and maturity which betray his true age. Rarely does he seem upset or stressed out, taking almost everything in stride. chaos's easygoing and contemplative nature is such that that Jr. even accuses him of being "so slow." Most people, even complete strangers, express how calming and soothing his presence is, often opening up to him completely with their problems, as was the case with Allen. However, for all his cheerfulness and seemingly carefree attitude, chaos is commonly described as having a near perpetual melancholy expression stemming from some unknown anxiety and unfulfilled state. Although he often says that he doesn't like to fight, he nevertheless does so to protect others and to help his friends. chaos's name is always deliberately written in the lowercase, although the reasoning for this is unknown. This is a direct contrast to KOS-MOS's name which is always written in upper case (because it is an acronym). Another contrast between the two characters is the derived meaning of their names. Chaos literally means anarchy and confusion while kosmos means "order" in Greek. In official artwork, he is sometimes portrayed with six white angel wings. (Source: Wikipedia)