Charles de Guise

A French Jew and colonel in the French army that works with the Qing-Bang. Although he knows Sonkaken, he prefers using conventional fighting methods like guns and swords. He has a sister, Sophie, who suffered trauma resulting in memory suppression due to her experinces in escaping from Nazi Germany as her husband (a non-Jewish German who was prohibited from marrying her by Nazi law) got sent to a concentration camp. When she regained her memory by Kenshiro's acupressure, she was assassinated by Zhang Tai Yan. De Guise was eventually wounded fatally by Liú FÄ“i-Yàn when the latter deemed him unfit to take care of Erika and challenged him to a duel. Kenshiro used acupressure techniques on him to prolong his life just long enough to watch his friends staging a glimpse of his vision- a Shanghai in prosperity (where Jews can take refuge). Believing that Kenshiro and friends will make it come true, he then died in peace (( en.wikipedia ))