Check Mate


Classification: Akugyo Choujin→ Seigi Choujin Homeland: Monaco Height: 221 cm Weight: 190~800 kg Choujin Kyoudo: 1,210,000 Power Trademark Techniques: Chess Piece Change, Stallion Style Honorable Driver, Black Neigh of Centaurus First Appearance: Manga Chapter 20, Anime Episode 13 An Akugyo Chojin from Monaco trained by Sunshine. At first he is a sadist that is incapable of feeling pain, this is however his greatest weakness as his body itself is being damaged, he simply cannot feel it. But after being bested by Mantaro, he turns over a new leaf and became a New Generation Seigi Chojin. In the Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc he turned down Seiuchin's offer to form a tag team. Because of this, he became the first victim of Seiuchin and Neptuneman's Optical Fiber Cross Bomber, resulting in the skin on his face being peeled off. His attacks are modeled after chess pieces for King, Knight, and Rook. He can fuse them and his normal form together in a technique known as Grand Slam. When Reborn Ashuraman and the Demon Seed separate Meat's body in order to revive General Terror, Check Mate joins forces with Jade to help Kevin Mask train for his match against Voltman. (Source: Wikipedia)