Chia Takeda

竹田 千愛

Also Known As:

  • Chee

A girl who requested to literature club to write a love letter for her. She's a first year. She works as a librarian. Her nickname is Chee (��). She usually acts as a "tennen" girl who falls down for apparently no reason, but she is actually a girl who doesn't care and not showing her expression at all. She didn't show any feelings after her relatives past away and blamed herself for killing her best friend. She almost committed suicide at the end of "Pierrot" book where Konoha saved her. After the incident, she tried her best to be like a normal girl and had difficulty faking it to the extend that she had to hurt Konoha's feeling during "Parumiere (パルミエーレ)" book. Ryuuto realized that Chia's been faking herself and their long term relationship begins.