Also Known As:

  • Chaozu

Chiaotzu is seemingly a small, doll-like human with plain white skin and red cheeks; his name is based off of the food jiaozi. When first introduced Chiaotzu is a student of the Crane Hermit (a rival of Master Roshi) and the constant companion of fellow student Tien; he quickly amends his ways though and joins Goku and his friends. While not outstanding in physical prowess compared to other superhuman warriors in Dragon Ball, Chiaotzu has considerable potency in psionics, especially in psychokinesis. Chiaotzu is not very well educated, as shown in the Tien Shinhan Saga. There was one part where Krillin was called "squid" due to his shaved head. Krillin angered and said that Chiaotzu was also a bald. But Chiaotzu took off his cap, revealling ONE hair on top of his head (which makes Krillin very angry). Chiaotzu lost the battle in the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament by Krillin's maths knowledge. Chiaotzu's importance in the series rapidly diminishes after his introduction in the Tenshinhan Saga, where he is a major character. He is a minor character in the subsequent Demon King Piccolo, Piccolo Junior and Vegeta sagas, and is more-or-less a background character for the others. Chiaotzu also has a prominent role in the Dragon Ball movie "Mystical Adventure". (Source: Wikipedia)