General traits: It is a very emotional puchidol that often starts crying from just the slightest thing going wrong. This is a problem because it has the more or less magical ability to summon live animals with its tears, something which often creates quite the chaos. The ability is not limited to real animals, but even includes animals from myth and legend. It gives the impression of being from Okinawa. However, because it was unable to recognise a goya plant, Hibiki is not convinced of this. It seems to be very fussy with the details about how food should be prepared, especially hot pot. Seasonal changes: None. Calls: One of the vocally more colourful puchidols, it uses a lot of different sounds. For example "Haisai!" (ã�¯ã�„ã�•ã�„), "Da zo!" (ã� ã�žãƒ¼), "Naisa!" (ã�ªã�„ã�•ãƒ¼), and "Agaa!" (ã�‚ã�Œãƒ¼). Discovered by: Koami and Komami Named by: Hibiki First appearance: Chapter 13-B (Source: