Also Known As:

  • Usagi
  • Rini
  • Small Lady
  • Sailor Chibi Moon
  • Sailor Mini Moon
  • Princess Lady Serenity
  • Black Lady

Birthday: June 30 Astrological Sign: Cancer Blood Type: O Hobbies: Magic Tricks Favorite Color: Red, Pink Favorite Class: Manual-Arts Class Least Favorite Class: Language Arts Favorite Foods: Pudding Least Favorite Food: Carrots Hopes To Go To: The Moon Habit: Upward glance Special Skill: Pink Sugar Heart Attack Pet she wants to raise: A rabbit Dislikes: ghosts Motto: I am a graceful lady. Favorite Stone: Diamond Chibiusa's real name is actually Usagi, but she is nicknamed Chibiusa to distinguish her from Usagi. She is usually very upbeat, extroverted and outgoing. Though she started out socially awkward, she quickly became popular with her classmates in the 20th-century. Chibiusa's dream is to one day become a real lady, to have her own prince, and to be friends with everyone she knows. Meanwhile, she is a fairly ordinary little girl; she likes pink and red, pudding, pancakes, and rabbits. Her favorite school subject is drawing, while her least favorites are language classes. Chibiusa is actually the future daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, and was sent back in time to the "present" to stay with them before she was born. Also it was strongly implied that Usagi was pregnant at her and Mamoru's wedding