Gorgeous' older brother, Chic is a monk of Jaina who is determinded, stoic, and very devoted. Although it would seem his devotion lies with Jaina, he is actually extremely protective of his little brother. When Chic and Gorgeous were children, young Gorgeous was forced to kill someone who tried to abuse them, his Form burning down their home. It was Chic who comforted the other, and tried to lead them. The brothers ended up wandering the Wastelands, and they would have died on their own - if Jaina and the Creator had not taken them in. Chic vowed to give all he had to repay his debt to Jaina, and he is a swift tactician with a wicked sense of justice. Chic is often represented as moral yet misunderstood, and his character is often portrayed in a sympathetic light. Whereas Gorgeous' only goal was to gain power for his beautiful self, Chic is a genuinely noble person who strongly fights for the wrong side in order to protect what he values most. After Gorgeous is killed by Maze, Chic becomes consumed with rage. He battles the female Maze in his black Demi-Armor, Gorgon, to avenge his brother's death, even going against the Creator's orders. Though Maze doesn't want to fight him, in the end, she ultimately kills Chic to protect those she loves. His name is always mispronounced as "Chick" instead of the correct "Sheek". (Source: Wikipedia, edited by hlwar)