General traits: A very booksmart puchidol that can easily do high-level mathematics and understand foreign languages. In the office it helps out with the paperwork and even calculates budgets and puchidol maintenance costs. It can often be seen scolding the other puchidorus (mostly Afu) by whacking them over the head or chewing them out vocally, and it also tries to act as a mediator in conflicts between other puchidols and humans. It appears to have weak arms, sometimes having trouble lifting things. It fainted once when Producer stroked its hair, probably because it has a soft spot for Producer. It is good at board games and could beat Ami and Mami while playing in team with Chihaya. Seasonal changes: None. Calls: Usually "Meh!" (��). When it gets annoyed or angry, it uses "Mou!" (もー). Discovered by: Kotori Named by: unknown First appearance: Chapter 8 (Source: