In her civilian form, Chieri has long light pink hair and a short flower headband. She also wears a pink and white dress with puffy sleeves and dark pink ribbons decorating parts of it.
As Cure Flora, Chieri has waist length light pink hair that has part of it tied up in a big bun that has blonde streaks lining, and is kept up like that by her tiara which has a pink flower brooch in the middle. She wears magenta earrings and a flower like choker that has a magenta bow tying it together at the back. Her dress is pink with light pink accents, a dark pink ribbon with a gold brooch in the middle on her waist that connects to her skirt that reaches the floor, consists of light pink and pink layers, and has big pale pink bows with pink flower brooches in the middle tying the pink layer into three sections. On her chest is a dark pink bow with a pink flower brooch in the middle. She has white gloves with a pink flower on her wrists and white ankle length boots with a dark pink bow and flower brooch on them. Pretty Cure Wiki