Chigaeshi no Miko


She’s mother of Kazane. She resides in the Overturned Earth, a realm between the human world and the underworld where the guardians of the underworld protects her and her family, large animals whose duty is to serve the Priestess and protect the seal of the Underworld. Fifty years before the Kazane arc began; she sought the help of onmyÅ�ji Seimei and RyÅ«sai to help her seal the gates of the underworld since the seal was getting weaker. However, RyÅ«sai fell deeply in love and kidnapped her instead. She later left RyÅ«sai to go back to the realm but was kidnaped by Chishiki no GÅ«ji. He sealed her into a frozen rock since he couldn't get her to open the Underworld gate; instead, he used her daughter, Kazane. She was later found and rescued by Seimei. However, she was later in grief when she found out her daughter, Kazane died. She later brought back her daughter's body back to her home and gave RikugÅ� her necklace as a sign of gratitude for protecting her daughter. (Source: Wikipedia)