Chiharu Ayukawa

鮎川 千晴

Chiharu is a lively ordinary high school girl who for some reason being constantly monitored by the SEPB. The mission is carried by Chami. She involved into the Mushi fare in Volume 4, and is the protagonist for Volume 5. She is actually Daisuke's older sister, who widely being appraised as "loving and caring her younger brother too much". She herself thinks it is natural for older sisters to over caring younger brothers, and is very proud of it despite Daisuke's continuous protest. She was also the one who turned Daisuke to a Mushitsuki five years ago. At the time, she became the host of Sanbikime, one of the "Original Three". She was trying to protect Daisuke's dream from being eaten by Oogui and battled Oogui with Sanbikime's power. However, Daisuke was caught in the battle and was seriously wounded. It left Chiharu no choice but to turn Daisuke to a Mushitsuki in order to save his life. She lost her memories when Sanbikime left her body. When Chami decided to betray the SEPB and involved in the SEPB civil war, Chiharu was caught in the mess and slowly recovered her memories during the escape. She regretted to turn Daisuke to a Mushitsuki and even wanted Daisuke to kill her for her sin, but Daisuke never hate her for doing it and even thanked her. Finally, when Oogui reappeared and decide to consume Chiharu's dream, Chiharu rejected Oogui and incorporated with Daisuke and the members of SEPB to kill Oogui (which wasn't successful). After the big battle with Oogui, she was seen move along with Chami, Ubuki and Konoha in search for "Sanbikime" (With Yuuko following them). She could sense the trace of Sanbikime because she used to be a host. In volume 8, they found the necklace which Chiharu claimed to have Sanbikime inside. When Daisuke became a "fallen" after Volume 11, Chiharu refused to help Chami to snatch Alpha from Neo-Mushibane and admitted that she had been lying about Sanbikime's whereabouts. Chiharu later moved along with Neo-Mushibane and found Sanbikime. She became the host of Sanbikime again and aid Shiika in later battle against Oogui. When the operation failed, she escaped with Ubuki and Yuu, and met with Chami who snatched Daisuke from GARDEN. The initial plan for Chiharu to use Sanbikime's power to wake up Daisuke failed, but it sent projection of Daisuke to all Rank 1's on the battlefield and saved their hearts, which turned the tide of battle. At the end, Daisuke is also saved.