Also Known As:

  • Brittany

Ash and his friends stumbled across Brittany while she was practicing a song and dance routine with her twin Igglybuff, Gigglybiff and Gigglybuff. Brock recognized Brittany as being the host of a talk show with the same name, as well as the singer of Brittany and the Loony Balloons. Brittany invited all of them to her concert later that evening. At the concert, Team Rocket appeared and stole the Igglybuff twins, along with Jigglypuff. While Ash and Misty went with Brittany to look for the stolen Pokémon, Brock entertained the crowd with a song. Soon, the Igglybuff twins were returned safely to Brittany, and the concert continued on as planned. Afterwards, Jigglypuff decided to perform using Sing and put everyone to sleep.