Chihiro Fujisaki

不二咲 千尋

Also Known As:

  • Chi-tan
  • Master
  • Fujisaki-chi

Height: 148 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Chest: 70 cm
Birthday: March 14
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Specialty: Super High School Level Programmer

Chihiro Fujisaki is a genius programmer behind numerous innovative software.
Chihiro fixed the laptop in the library and created a program called "Alter Ego."

It is revealed in the second chapter that Chihiro is a boy. Chihiro wished to be stronger because people kept calling him weak. He started crossdressing because he thought people would stop calling him weak. He looks up to Oowada Mondo and wants to be more like him.
He was later murdered by Oowada.



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