Chihiro Furuya

降谷 千紘

Age: 15 years old Height: 170 cm (5'7") School: Shiyou Boys High School Class: First Year Student The protagonist, a first year student at Shiyou Boys High School. His father is a Shinto priest. He is "everything-what-zombie-freak". He makes a potion that can bring the dead back to life. The first animal he revived as a zombie was his dead cat, Babu, and the first human he revived as a zombie was Sanka Rea. It is strongly hinted that his and Mero's mother was a zombie, and that she had to abandon them for fear of eating them out of love, due to the nature of the "eater confusion" status that she suffered through as a special case. When searching for Rea after the festival, the two meet in the abandoned hotel and a fire begins to engulf the building as Rea attempts to eat Furuya due to the eater confusion status. This is broken when Furuya uses his final words to confess his love to Rea, returning her humanity in time for her to shelter him from the collapsing roof.