Chihiro Kosaka

小阪 ちひろ

Age: 17 Birthdate: December 3 Class: 2-B Blood type: O Height: 158cm Weight: 50kg BWH: 82-61-85 A friend of Takahara Ayumi. Chihiro is a girl who tries to confess to a boy immediately after she thinks that he is handsome and attractive. However, she has confessed to many boys without positive results. Keima describes Chihiro as a "mob character" using visual novel argot. While even though she forgets the conquest, it is later shown that Chihiro actually has a crush on Keima. She later helps Keima bring out the goddess out of Ayumi during Goddess Arc. It is hinted in Chapter 189 that Keima is her first love. Keima confesses his love to Chihiro in chapter 268 of the manga, rejecting him at first, only to later invite him on a date in the following chapter. (Source: Wikipedia)