Chiho Hidaka

日高 千穂

Is a young girl who is confined into the Hiyamakai Hospital, owned by Higa Izumi, because she suffers from an aggressive, incurable virus. At the moment, the medicine she takes are just slowing down the spreading of the virus but the medicine doesn't heal her. She loves her Sekirei, Uzume dearly and admits this openly. According to her, for someone who has lost her parents when she was young and has been lonely ever since, Uzume gave her purpose and meaning to continuing living. She is ashamed that she can't do anything as an Ashikabi for Uzume due to her illness. Chiho has no idea that she is being used by Higa so that Uzume would commits crimes in order to protect her and Uzume stated multiple times that Chiho doesn't need to know about it. Chiho first met Uzume when Uzume was running from M.B.I. the two began to trust each other almost immediately. After that, Uzume visited her everyday with her costumes and Chiho eventually became Uzume's Ashikabi. NoHeart add