General traits: A very aggressive puchidol that often bites people, especially busty females. However, it is calm around Chihaya who can somehow communicate with it, and it also tolerates Ritsuko. When it wants attention, it can jump onto a person’s head and slap them repeatedly. It is capable of running simple errands and answering phone calls, but no one knows exactly how it achieves this. Likes to sing enka and often carries a small microphone. Likes to drink milk. Seasonal changes: When winter arrives, its summer hair is shed and fur-like winter hair grows out, including what appears to be some kind of animal ears. If cut, this hair is back to its full length already the next day. Calls: "Ku!" (��). Also a threatening "Shaa!" (シャー) at busty females and other suspicious people. Other things of note: Chihya has blue eyes, which makes it the only puchidol to have a different eye-colour from that of its corresponding idol. This is probably a joke on the somewhat common misconception that Chihaya's eyes are blue. Discovered by: Miki while in Africa Named by: Ritsuko First appearance: Chapter 2 (Source: