Chika Ogiue

荻上 千佳

Ogiue is a blunt, self-hating fujoshi and amateur artist whose inner turmoil is the focus of much of the second half of Genshiken. Ogiue hails from the Tohoku region of Japan in the northeast, and as such frequently tries to hide her accent while she attends college in the Tokyo area. When put under pressure though her accent tends to slip through. Her eyesight is incredibly bad, and requires the use of contact lenses or glasses. Ogiue is a fan of yaoi and boys' love, and her taste in doujinshi stems from a preference for shounen series. Among the series she likes are Scram Dunk (Slam Dunk), Haregan (Fullmetal Alchemist), Reass Mood (Code Geass), and Wotaru (Wataru). In junior high, at the request of her friend Nakajima, Ogiue drew a yaoi d�jinshi of a boy named Makita, whom she had been secretly dating. Makita found the d�jinshi and soon after transferred to a different school. This incident is the source of Ogiue's trauma and self-hatred, and it continues to haunt her until she begins to date Sasahara, who is much more understanding of her yaoi fantasies and love of drawing. Ogiue eventually obtains a publishing deal with Monthly Afternoon, the very magazine in which Genshiken was published. In the relaunch of the manga, Ogiue managed to draw in three new members to Genshiken (not counting Sue) thanks to her large artwork demonstration. She has hired the four first-year club members to be her assistants for her professional manga work. (Source: Wikipedia)