Chika Shinmoto

新本 チカ

Chika is a high school boy with blond hair and light blue eyes just like his sister Chiko. He is a narcissist and thinks highly of himself also like his sister. Chika's dream was to conquer the world. Mao Saitou is his best friend as they have been very close for a long time like "two peas in a pod" or so they say. Later on the story, he isn't sure about what his hobby is resulting him to think of himself as a dull person. He calls Mao and asks if he has a hobby and he says it's to spend time with him. That's is when he realizes that is also his hobby too. Since he and Mao are so close, lots of girls think they are gay, but a lot still confess to him because of his good looks. Chika is really close to Mao's sister, Mako, since they both love girls. He gets attracted to any sexy girl he can see, but he actually has a really kind, light hearted spirit.