Chiri Kitsu

木津 千里

Birthday: January 20 (Zan SZS. 9 Episode) A student who demands all things in her life to be precise, equal and conforming. This is most notable in her hair style, which was originally curly and is parted in the center. She often tries to set things straight and is usually extremely cruel and violent in her ways. She is also very knowledgeable in areas that revolve around violent international historical events. She hid numerous razors and knives within her bra, but her favorite weapon of choice is a spade and the kanji of her first name can be joined together to form the first character of "to bury". Despite being the most combative against Nozomu and his antics as well as usually being the most level headed of the class, she often demands him to marry her after they accidentally took a nap together in the same bed. Although she is not the class representative, she is often called so because of her exacting behavior. She is revealed to have an older sister. Her name derives from the Japanese word kicchiri (precisely). She occasionally displays psychic abilities via a third eye; her name contains two of the kanji in the word "clairvoyance".