Chitose Nanbu

南部 千歳

Birthday: November 7 Blood type: A Height: 163 cm BWH: 95-58-85 Represents the Human Realm, although she has a crush on Ikkou, she constantly denies it. Even though she acts nice much of the time, she fails to admit her crush to herself or Ikkou, often harming him when others flirt with him, overall a stereotypical tsundere. She is usually the first to put Ikkou down as low as possible at times as well as beat him with little provocation. She claims to have no hobbies initially, although she enjoys horror films. She is one of the characters in the series that is harassed by Yuuko for her large cup size, perhaps more frequently than the others. In early episodes there is a running gag to the question of where she used to live, one of the clues being that the entire towns businesses (post office, movie rental, clothing store, etc.) is located in one small two story building.